About us

The activity of the Volunteer Centre Association in Warsaw does not only concern promoting voluntary work, attracting volunteers and cooperating with them. We are the centre of support for non-governmental organisations and public institutions in the field of: organising voluntary work, conducting training courses, providing legal advice, and also developing and implementing the development strategy of voluntary work in local communities. We realise projects within international, national, provincial and urban programmes (incl.: Erasmus+, Solidarity Corps and Warsaw Volunteers).

Pragniemy dzielić się naszą wiedzą i doświadczeniami, które zdobyliśmy przez te wszystkie lata.
We want to share our knowledge and experiences, which we have gained during all those years.

The Volunteer Centre Association began its activity in 1993, at the beginning as a pilot programme of BORIS Association in Warsaw.

The next year we opened the first Voluntary Work Exchange Office in Poland. The Office was a programme to liaise volunteers with organisations which wanted to encourage volunteers to take part in their activities. At the same time within the Volunteering Academy we started conducting training courses for volunteers and employees of organisations that use the help of volunteers.

In view of an increasing interest of volunteering, in 1995 we began to create Volunteer Centre Network in the whole country. Currently after 25 years Regional Volunteer Centres function in each voivodeship.

In 1997 in our activities appeared the first thematic programmes realised with the participation of volunteers. They included: “Volunteering in Social Welfare Centres”, “Volunteering in Hospital”, “Corporate Volunteering”, “Volunteering at School”, “Volunteering in Warsaw social care homes”.

The years 2002-2003 were the time of active work of the Volunteer Centre representatives on preparing the project of Public Benefit and Volunteer Work Act. We continue to participate in works of different teams which prepare and give opinions on new legal and organisational solutions in the field of voluntary work.

The offer of the Volunteer Centre in 2005 became more attractive by introducing on the Polish market the first online voluntary work exchange website functioning under the name of the Box of Kindness.

We realised the first professional social campaigns which promoted volunteering in Poland, e.g. “You can be someone’s hands/legs/eyes” and Helping reinforces” (with the participation of Mariusz Pudzianowski).

The recent years were a period of intensified promotional activities and works on developing volunteering in Poland. The Volunteer Centre team participated actively in the celebrations and promotion of the European Year of Volunteering 2011, Euro 2012, World Youth Day 2016.