Once again we invite you to participate in the competition “Volunteer Coordinator of 2020!”

We kindly invite all volunteer coordinators working in Warsaw and particularly volunteers and organisations, which provide volunteering activities, to participate in the competition.

It is a special occasion to appreciate particularly the work of those who perceive volunteering multidimensionally and who face the needs of many people. We can appreciate their everyday effort and involvement and also the support they offer to volunteers. Now we can show how much their work and involvement are important!

At times, organisation of voluntary work is their day job and at other times volunteering coordination is their additional activity independent from their job duties. They lead, organise the work, care about the volunteers’ development. Their job is a big contribution to the development of institutions in favour of which volunteers work.

Entry form to register candidates to the competition “Volunteer Coordinator” have to be sent on email: during the whole year up to the 22nd of November 2020.



The final of the competition and the announcement of laureates will take place in December during the gala of the Day of Volunteer Coordinator.


Have a look at how we celebrated last year:

Show your best side” is another competition, which aim is to promote very good offers directed to volunteers. It is organised to draw attention of people responsible for cooperation with volunteers, to show how important element of cooperation with volunteers is their effective recruitment and that a good prepared offer is the first step to a fruitful cooperation.

Every quarter offers published in the first place on the Local Portal of Volunteering are marked out and out of them will be chosen laureates in December this year.

The competition lasts from the 1st of January 2020 to the 22nd of November 2020.

The statute of the competition is available here.

More information about the competition you can receive at the Volunteer Centre Association in Warsaw, from Monday to Friday 9.00-16.00, phone number +48 (22) 635 27 73.

The competition is realised by the Volunteer Centre Association in Warsaw within the activity “Support of volunteer organisers” carried out within the local project “Warsaw Volunteers” integrating activities that support the development of volunteering in the capital.