Donate 1% of your income for the Volunteer Centre


Thanks to activities we organise, promoting the idea of voluntary work and creating mechanisms of support, every year the help of volunteers reaches further and further. We let them give what they have the best in themselves: their hearts, engagement, hands to work, open minds, hope and faith in other people.

1% of your income will make our activities get off the ground:

  • we will be able to reach more people in need
  • we will help our volunteers find people who need their help
  • we will organise trainings which will render the help we offer more accurate and effective
  • we will release more papers which will clarify to the society what is the idea of
    voluntary work and how to help the others


Choosing our organisation you can be sure that you will make one of your best investment – investment in the people ready for bringing unpaid help to others.
Stowarzyszenie „Centrum Wolontariatu”/ Volunteer Centre Association
KRS: 0000235808