The Volunteer Centre Association has started the realisation of an international project “Volunteering as an educational chance” EduVol, financed within European funds of the Erasmus+ programme, in partnership with organisations from Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia (partner of the project)

The aim of the project it to popularise the method of Service Learning in the work with young people at non-governmental organisations, cultural institutions, schools and other centres in order to, on the one hand, encourage them to become involved in activities in favour of local community, on the other to give an innovative tool to persons who work with young people.

The project aim is to develop activity programmes for teachers and other persons who work with young people and also to provide students’ books so that everyone can get familiar with this method and use it independently. We will also organise workshops on the subject of the method of Service Learning. All materials used in the project will be prepared both in polish and in english.

Service Learning is a method which uses civil activities and volunteer work as a way to gain knowledge and competences. It shows how to organise work with volunteers/students, how to set educational goals, how to reflect upon these goals to strengthen the process of learning and how to look after the learning process so that it will encompass broader spectrum of competences – from team activities, communication, activity planning or project work, to more specialised relevant to doing specific tasks e.g. public speaking, explaining rules or elderly care.

The key point here is the role of a tutor supporting the youth activities, but a tutor who does not impose his/her solutions. Tutor prompts reflections, activity planning and taking them up, encourages to try, to become more open, active and to draw conclusions.

The project lasts from the 1st of September 2019 to the 31st of May 2022.

Planned project activities beginning in 2020:

  • 09-10.2020 – workshop on the method of Service Learning in work with the youth
  • 10.2020 – 06.2021 – realisation of social activities with the use of the method of Service Learning at schools and organisations supported by our mentor

Persons/Organisations interested in taking part in the project are kindly asked to contact us.

Project partners:

Platform of volunteer centres and organizations – Slovakia

Pro Vobis – National Resource Center for Volunteerism – Romania

Priprema Pozor SMART – Croatia

Volunteering Hungary – Centre of Social Innovation (ÖKA) – Hungary

Volunteer Centre Association – Poland