Solidarity Corps

Solidarity Corps is a Polish nationwide programme which aim is to strengthen the development of civil society by the comprehensive and long-lasting support in the field of developing and also strengthening long-term volunteering.

The programme is based on 4 interactive areas of activities concentrated on supporting:

  • volunteers,
  • volunteer coordinators
  • volunteer organisers
  • volunteer environment

The aim of Solidarity Corps is to:

  • strengthen the building of local communities
  • strengthen civic attitude in society
  • build a positive influence on perceiving volunteering as an activity that is worthwhile,
    attractive, accessible for everyone
  • improve conditions that are necessary to become involved in volunteering activities
  •  increase the number of volunteers involved in long-term volunteering
  • create partnership relations of all persons engaged in supporting the development of volunteering in the country
  • create a platform to exchange experiences and inspirations for volunteer organisers by improving their competences in cooperation with volunteers
  • support volunteer organisers which will help develop activities with volunteers and create conditions for constant, long-term cooperation with volunteers
  • clarify the idea of voluntary work and encouraging volunteer environment to join volunteering activities

They will be realised due to organisation of:

  • informational and promotional meetings
  • workshops in the field of volunteering
  • social actions
  • specialised consultancy
  • business meetings
  • volunteer debates
  • promotional activities

In order to become a member of the Solidarity Corps Programme you have to register in the Volunteering Service System.