Support for volunteer work organisers in Warsaw

The project is dedicated to all who organise voluntary work in Warsaw: organisations’ representatives, coordinators, leaders. We propose the support that responds to the needs of beginners and experienced coordinators who represent different backgrounds and organisations and who have different experience in managing the work of volunteers. It is education, support, know-how and promotion, each of them of high standards. We also direct our offer to local initiatives i.e. places of local activities. We cooperate with business representatives who engage in voluntary work.

The project consists of various activities:

– trainings that include: 1) formal-legal aspects 2) issues of creating good relations 3) practical tools and competencies of organising voluntary work

– mentoring – in-depth 15-hour individual training in collaboration with a coordinator-mentor in his/her organisation

– group and individual supervision – cycle of 4 meetings in a closed group led by an experienced psychotherapist-supervisor which aim is to solve substantive and emotional difficulties arising from the performing job by: developing the understanding of a problem/dilemma, expanding perspectives of possible activities, exchanging experiences, possibilities of expressing one’s emotions and dilemmas

Warsaw Meetings with Volunteering (WSW) – it is a cycle of meetings whose main aim is to cross-link Warsaw volunteer coordinators, to get them acquainted with one another what will serve as exchanging experiences, inspiring to create relations

Warsaw Volunteering Debates – it is a cycle of thematic debates open to all interested in the organisation of voluntary work that serve to expand the knowledge, to discuss and to confront ideas on important subjects concerning volunteering in Warsaw. Debates are accompanied by the Festival of Volunteering and the Coordinator’s Day.

Local visits in chosen Warsaw organisations cooperating with volunteers

Promotion of good practice – competitions: “Show your best side” – for the best volunteering offer of the “Volunteer Coordinator of the Year”

The Festival of Volunteering that is a mini conference with the diversity of propositions for organisers – debates, workshops, consultations with experts, presentation of good practice and volunteering in practice that is an action-based volunteering

The Coordinator’s Day – our holiday during which we want to meet up and thank volunteer coordinators and sum up the year. The event is accompanied by a debate and the final of two competitions: “Show your best side” and Volunteer Coordinator of the Year

Individual consultancy – consultancies with an adviser for everyone who needs consultancies in any problems related to the organisation of voluntary work

You are invited!

Feel free to join us!

This activity is carried out within the urban project “Warsaw Volunteers” that integrates the actions supporting the volunteering development in Warsaw

Project coordinator:  Elżbieta Baranowska-Pytko

Contact tel./+48 22/ 635 27 73, 514 777 399, e-mail: