group and individual supervision

It is a new form of support for volunteer organisers and coordinators.

Supervision is a form of support for those who work with people. Its aim is to solve substantive and emotional difficulties resulting from doing a given job through deepening the understanding of a probe/dilemma, broadening perspective of possible actions, exchanging experiences, possibilities of expressing your emotions and dilemmas. Participants develop their abilities, reach better results of their work, act more professionally. Supervision thanks to understanding and support received from a supervisor and others participants, counter professional burn-out.

Work of volunteer coordinator is working with people i.e. in which we encounter difficulties and dilemmas including

  • bounds of the role of volunteer coordinator
  • areas of responsibilities
  • conflicts among people
  • combing the function of a coordinator with other professional tasks
  • motivating volunteers to do established tasks
  • enforcing established tasks
  • dealing with own emotions and emotions of other people
  • ethical questions

During supervision we can together:

  • alyse difficulties and dilemmas
  • share experiences and thoughts
  • broaden the perspective of look at given problem/dilemma
  • look for new ideas and solutions
  • get a look at own emotions and behaviours that result from them
  • support oneself with comprehension and empathy

From you, as being a coordinator, is required the best performed job, organisation and permanent development of your skills. Perhaps sometimes you are fed up with these requirements and you need comprehension and support. In supervision group you can get it!

We invite people with long and as well as short practice. Exchange of thoughts, experience and support is useful at each step of the work of a volunteer coordinator.

Supervision will take place in groups of 6-8 people. The group will work on a closed basis i.e. it won’t be possible to join the group after the meeting has started.